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Data Security

Precise Mortgages has written to some of our customers to notify them about a break-in at one of our offices which resulted in the theft of a number of personal computers.

This incident is not in any way associated with cyber crime or hacking of computer systems. Based on our investigations, working with independent experts and the police, we believe that the personal computers were the motivation for the theft rather than any data.

We have notified some customers that there is a possibility that some of their personal data may have been saved on some of the stolen personal computers and have informed them of the steps we have taken and are continuing to take to protect them against any misuse of this data.

Precise Mortgages accounts are unaffected, and our operations and services to customers have not been disrupted.

While we have no evidence to suggest any personal customer data has in fact been disclosed as a result of this incident and it is unlikely that the data will be discovered, there could be an increased risk of misuse of personal data or identity theft for these customers.

Precise Mortgages takes security issues very seriously and we apologise to customers for this incident.

Promptly following the incident, Precise Mortgages put in place extra security measures and fraud monitoring procedures and took further steps to reduce the possibility of any recurrence of such an incident.

The stolen computers were not used in or linked to our core mortgage systems. All the computers were password protected. As a result any saved data cannot be openly accessed or retrieved.

However, we want to be prudent and have written to explain the position to those customers who may be affected as a result.

In line with our regulatory obligations Precise Mortgages has of course informed the relevant authorities and we continue to work with them.

In accordance with our policy on security matters, and to ensure our operations and arrangements are not compromised, we are not able to comment further on the details of this incident.

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